Gp-0 110 4 speed kick starter

Geplaatst op 19-12-2017 20:35

OHVALE GP-0 110 4 Speed is meant to be the very first bike for young pilots.

Ohvale is constantly searching for technical implementation of product and improvement of quality able to furnish its customers a bike always on the cutting edge.

OHVALE GP-0 range is composed by four versions: one 100cc automatic – 8hp estimated – suitable for young children of 8 years old that start their path; one 110cc 4 speed – 11hp – more appropriate to 9 years old children; one version 160cc speed – 15hp – suitable from 10 years old children; and finally one 190cc – 24hp – dedicated to children from 12 years old and adults.

New standard graphics are designed for each version, based on white or back color.